Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Todd,

Thank you for not holding to tradition too tightly.

You are suborn in the way that a lot of men are - you want to take care of me financially to give me all the things I deserve, and show you're a good provider to my family and friends - but luckily you don't hold so tightly to those ideals that it hinders our relationship. You try your best to provide every necessity, and that's all I can ask for.

The same habit of not holding to tradition has proven favorable in our wedding planning as well. Some people would die of horror at the thought of me making my own wedding cake, or buying a cheap dress instead of a wedding gown, but you don't really care about those details. You support me in my decisions as long as they lead to my happiness and you know I "will look beautiful either way."

As much as I would love to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, it's not in the cards. But I know with some tedious planning and help from you and our families we can have a small AND beautiful wedding, that won't take a year (or more) to pay off.

Yours; forever and always


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