Sunday, August 18, 2013
It's been 9 months since Todd asked me to marry him...It still seems like yesterday that he got down on one knee and gave me my gorgeous ring.

Today I decided I'd give my ring a good cleaning to keep it nice and gorgeous. I love how it looks after its been cleaned, it glitters and gleams brighter than ever.

Dear Todd,

I love watching old shows and movies with you, and I'm so glad you love The Dick Van Dyke show because it's one of my favorites. It's the small things like that make me love you even more. The small things are usually overlooked in other parts of my life and I'm so glad that when I'm with you I can slow down and take time to appreciate everything. You bring me peace.

I love you.

Yours; forever and always,
Thursday, August 15, 2013
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Todd made me a Gold Ranger power coin necklace inspired by the coins on Power Rangers (season 1)

Dear Todd,

I haven't written to you in what seems like a million years, but you know as well as I do how busy we both have been with Tim and his projects so I hope you'll understand.

Anyway...Dear Todd,

I find it really adorable that you always ask for my help when you are trimming your beard and mustache. I'm sure it's only because when you do it yourself I complain that you missed spots or its uneven, but still it's good to know you trust me with how you look. ;)

Yours; forever and always