Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dear Todd,

There are times that I wish our love was more like it is in books and movies. Where love conquers all, adventure is around every corner, and there is always a happy ending. It's then that I remember how you and I met....

We met by chance online; no dating sites or friends of a friend, simply by chance. We continued to talk for months, of our shared interests, family, jobs, etc. We became as inseparable as you can be when you are a thousand miles apart. I would run home to find you waiting online for me and I would call you during my work breaks. You mailed me gifts and wrote me letters, and when the time came when you had enough money, you bought a bus ticket to finally meet me in person.

My heart fluttered the first time I saw you somewhere other than my computer screen and heard your voice without the use of headphones or speakers. It was awkwardly wonderful, the way most first dates are.  We spent a week together and you planned to go back home, but the thought of us being apart again hurt too badly, for both you and I. You made a joke that we should run away together, we both laughed but then...we stopped laughing. We looked at each other, and thought "maybe it is possible."

Runaway we did. It sounds crazy when I think about it now. We never wanted to be parted from one another since the day we met in person, and since that day, we haven't. If that doesn't sound like something out of a movie I don't know what does.

The adventure in love I craved happened without me even realizing it, and I know there will be many more to come. I can't wait to spend the adventures of my life with you.

I love you.

Yours; forever and always


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